In 2018, we launched the PenFed Foundation Veteran   Entrepreneur Investment Program (VEIP) as part of our mission to provide financial opportunities for veterans. The program’s approach is to create a robust network for veteran-owned start-ups and businesses. As part of that approach VEIP equips veteran founders with the financing they need to succeed by investing seed capital, providing access to other capital investment programs, and connecting entrepreneurs to funders.

Current Portfolio Companies



  • We only invest in veteran-owned and veteran-led companies.
  • We are industry agnostic.
  • We do not have investors, we have donors – so all earnings go right back to helping another veteran.


For more detailed information read the Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program Investment Fund Prospectus.

Our #1 goal is to help veteran entrepreneurs access capital.


Deal flow comes through the VEIP website application, referrals and scouting. Then, each company is screened to determine fit. From there, VEIP will evaluate the company through the due diligence process and make a recommendation to the PenFed Foundation leadership to present at the Investment Review Board. At the Investment Review Board the attendees will make recommendations to the PenFed Foundation leadership as to whether or not to invest in a presenting company. If the company is accepted by the leadership, the VEIP team continues detailed due diligence and term sheet negotiations to finalize the investment.


Support through a high-touch relationship:

  • Business coaching and advising – one-on-one and through VEIP Think Tanks;
  • Improving financial systems, including accounting, audit, and reporting procedures;
  • Introducing to other sources of financing;
  • Helping the company effectively measure and manage for impact; and
  • Increase brand awareness through marketing, advertising and public relations.